Amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fiber and other “Life Enhancers” are chemical elements required by all living organisms.  They are inter-dependent, requiring the presence of one another for full beneficial use by living organisms.  Absorption of these nutrients assists the body to function more efficiently and rebuild at the cellular level while rebuilding the immune system. 

Whole food supplementation is important to ensure we get these required nutrients! 

Because of the vast array of nutrients in our Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers, it is the most complete and effective natural whole food product available!  Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers has all 20 amino acids, over 50 minerals and vitamins, fiber, anti-oxidants and quality co-factors (nutrients) that your body requires every day.  Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers will not only help your body become healthier but it will also help cleanse and detoxify it!  And, for a lot of us who are overweight, it will help with weight management! 

All of the nutrients in our Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers assist with balancing your pH, building your immune system, energizing your body, building lean muscle and enhancing stamina and endurance.  And to think, you can get all this in one drink with our product! 

When our Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers is taken on a daily basis, this product offers a broad spectrum of health benefits that truly make a difference in people’s lives concerning health matters and energy levels.   Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers works to re-establish the homeostatic state needed for healthy cells and a higher quality of life! 

While Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers will help nourish your body and help cleanse and detoxify the body, benefits will vary for each individual depending on your body’s absorption capability for nutrients and your body’s immune system which helps deal with the toxins in your body. 

Other benefits you may experience when using Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers include building stronger bones, reducing cholesterol, lowering body fat, balancing sugar levels and improving recovery time after working out. 

Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers’ design - our nutrients being synergistically designed, using a “cold extraction process”, being enhanced with an electro-magnetic process and having a time-release effect - all increase the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients in our product! 

Fact: two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese! 

Back in the day, you could lose weight by following a simple formula: take in less calories and burn off more calories by exercising moderately but consistently. 

Today, more and more research is indicating that America’s obesity crisis cannot be blamed entirely on too much fast food and too little exercise.  A third factor may be in play: a class of natural and synthetic chemicals known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC’s) 

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals are chemicals that disrupt the function of our hormonal systems.  Many researchers believe they lead to weight gain and, in turn, numerous diseases that affect many Americans. 

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals enter our bodies from a variety of sources – hormones administered to animals, plastics in some food and drink packaging, ingredients added to processed foods and pesticides sprayed on produce. 

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals act in a variety of ways – by mimicking human hormones such as estrogen, by mis-programming stem cells to become fat cells and possibly could be altering the functioning of genes. 

If we look at our basic anatomy, your endocrine system is the contingent of glands producing the hormones that regulate your body.  Growth and development, sexual function, reproductive processes, mood, sleep, hunger, stress, metabolism – they are all controlled by hormones. 

The pancreas, hypothalamus, adrenal glands, thyroid, pituitary gland and testes are all part of that system.  So whether you are male or female, tall or short, hirsute or hairless, lean or heavy – that is all determined in a big way by your endocrine system and can easily be disrupted by the endocrine-disrupting chemicals. 

The rise in the incidence in obesity matches the rise in the use and distribution of industrial chemicals and may play a role in this new generation of obesity. 

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may be part of the reason why traditional dieting practices – choosing chicken over beef, eating more fish, loading up on fruits and vegetables – might not work anymore! 

Personally, this year my weight has dropped from 307 pounds to 257 pounds - a 50 pounds loss!  But, I have been at this 50 pounds plateau for months now!  I am going to take the preceding information and look at the foods I am eating and see if I can reduce my intake of these unwanted chemicals into my body.  I will continue to be faithful to my Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers as it has helped me reach half of my weight loss goal while increasing my energy level.  And, I will exercise more consistently on my Rebounder – all to achieve my goal of losing 100 pounds. 

The next section I hope to add to this website is Food and Nutrition as I change my eating habits and strive to reach my ultimate 100 pound goal! 

As mentioned before, we believe that taking Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers can address any shortcomings in your diet and help improve your quality of life!! 

I would like to close with something my brother Richard left with me after he was diagnosed with cancer and before he passed away. 

The legacy he left me is as follows: 

"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery,                                                                                            Today is a gift - that is why they call it The Present!"

If we take each day, one day at a time, and do our best everyday by making nutritious food choices, by setting aside a block of time to invigorate those endorphins in our body - by exercising, by getting enough rest, by being spiritually in tune with our life, by surrounding ourselves with truly encouraging friends, basically being a good teacher of life by being a good example – we can live a spiritually enriched, fulfilling life!!! 

We look forward to you using our product and then hearing from you concerning any benefits you experience using our product!

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