Alkaline pH

DNAThis slightly alkaline pH balance is important for many reasons. 

Our pH balance regulates one’s breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination, hormonal and enzyme production, immunity and much more!  pH controls the speed of our body’s bio-chemical reactions by controlling the speed of enzyme activity, as well as, the speed that electricity moves through the body.  

These bio-chemical reactions determine how our body utilizes amino acids, minerals, vitamins, fiber, lipids, enzymes, hormones and other co-factors which all influence our cellular integrity and health!  

Unlike other cells, your brain cannot store glucose for energy production.  It depends on the second to second supply from the bloodstream – a bloodstream that is affected by your pH.  pH controls how efficiently we use insulin, which in turn controls blood sugar levels.  These blood sugar levels provide the glucose needed for fuel in all cells. 

When pH is not in balance, oxygen delivery to cells also suffers.  To recall how important oxygen is to your life, just try to stop breathing for a minute.  Get the idea?  More and more research is showing that low oxygen delivery to cells is a major factor in most, if not all, degenerative conditions. 

Medical research has shown that as the blood pH becomes more acidic and cells receive less oxygen, the micro-organisms in the blood will begin to change in shape and eventually in their function in order to survive in this new acidic environment thus creating potentially new pathogenic micro-organisms! 

If you were to ask any physician, they would tell you that viruses, bacteria, infections and diseases (including cancer) cannot live in an alkaline environment!  So, in order to put up a good fight against sickness and disease, one has to re-balance the pH of your blood to 7.1 – 7.5 or higher to increase the body’s alkalinity level to better fight disease.

When we observe “live” blood, the “river of life” that transports the nutrients needed by the millions and millions of cells in our body, we will see that the “environment” of our body and blood will determine how the “living” microbes in our blood, including bacteria, viruses and parasites, will grow or mutate and ultimately function and operate.  The core of this environment is pH!  The forms and functions of all the microbes in our body will be driven and decided by the “pH” in which they live, an environment we directly impact by the food we eat, the fluids we drink, basically anything we ingest through our mouth and yes, even our positive or negative thinking and our lifestyle!

Whatever your current metabolic condition is, the internal microbes in your body and blood will co-exist with you and will be in perfect balance for them.  As our food, fluids, thinking and lifestyle changes from day to day, you can bet that all the micro-organisms in our body and blood will also change and evolve daily!  Simply stated, a micro-organism can go through different stages of development and it can evolve into various growth forms within its life cycle as a result of the pH environment to which they are exposed.

When the blood pH is disturbed and is shifted out of the narrow range needed for healthy cells, the micro-organisms in the blood are forced to adapt to this new pH by changing shape and mutating in order to survive in this new pH.

Because of our environment (depleted soil for our food supply, poor food consumption choices, poor liquid consumption like too much coffee and colas which are very acidic, poor quality air that we breathe, the list goes on and on) the pH of our blood has become increasingly acidic.

When your body’s pH is off, your metabolic balance is off and your metabolic processes are also off.  All this sets up a new internal pH environment that may become a new environment for opportunistic “bugs” – bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. – to begin to appear.     

These new micro-organisms have the potential to become aggressive, parasitic pathogenic agents in the blood.  Depending on what we are eating and drinking, there can be thousands of these changing micro-organisms in our blood and they are capable of overcoming the body’s defense mechanisms, causing multiple disease situations. 

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