BiologyDisease is in large measure, a function of biology.

Most disease is caused by some imbalance in the body.  The imbalance occurs in one of our nutritional, electrical, structural, toxicological, biological or environmental equations in our body.  It is a biologically driven event that takes place in the body when metabolic processes are thrown off.  If an organ or body system is stressed from lack of certain nutrients, it weakens and drags down all other systems.  The immune system certainly cannot be strong against sickness and disease if the body is weak on other fronts at the same time. 

Research shows that many adult diseases are caused by the accumulation of acids in the body, poor blood circulation and poor cellular activity.  Acidosis results from eating excessive animal protein, excessive fast foods and over cooked and fried foods.  The over-acidification of the body, caused by this way of eating and living, causes a proliferation of the “bugs” in our body which debilitates the body and, if not corrected, will ultimately cause the demise of our body!  These bacterial bugs, viruses, fungi and parasites are the great decomposers of living and dead bodies.

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