Blood and pH

Our blood is an interesting indicator of our personal health!

blood and phWhat we eat and drink enters our mouth and ultimately goes through our small intestines and colon enabling our digestive system to work at extracting nutrients and other “Life Enhancers” which are then absorbed by our blood, our “River of Life”.  Our blood then transports all these “Life Enhancers” to the millions and millions of cells in our body!

How these “Life Enhancers” affect our quality of life depends on our Food Choices and our Lifestyle Choices: hopefully these “Life Enhancers” will nourish and strengthen our body instead of causing it to degenerate and breakdown!

The use of the microscope in a health care practice is an important tool which allows the doctor and the patient to see and understand that there are dynamic life processes going on every second of the day in our blood!  Patients looking at “live” blood under the microscope, with an understanding of what they are looking at, receive an education in health beyond what words can impart.

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