Cause and Effect

EffectIf you were to look at your own blood under a microscope, you would see a reflection of Cause and Effect.  

Your blood is a reflection of who you are!!

When you feel great – chances are, your blood looks great.

When you are not feeling well – your blood does not look good.

Often, the worse you feel, the worse your blood looks.

A simple correlation can be made – clean up your blood and re-balance your pH: feel better and be healthier!!

Our Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers assists with balancing your pH by raising the acidic pH of your blood and your body to a higher alkaline pH.

This works to re-establish the homeostatic state needed for healthy cells and a higher quality of life.  By bringing the body more into balance so that it can function properly, not only will one see an increase in vitality and energy but, even more importantly, as one’s pH falls into balance, this increases one’s assimilation of nutrients.

This allows the body’s pH to become more alkaline and helps to maintain a longer, healthier life!

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