ElectroElectro-Magnetic Process:

We go one step further to maximize and enhance our Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers with an electro-magnetic process to increase the energy field and other unique attributes of our product. By enhancing our product with an electro-magnetic process we help the body assimilate the “Life Enhancers” found in our product and the vitality of the product has a greater impact on the body!

Concerning the fact that we enhance our product by running it through an electro-magnetic process, we must remember that the body is a electro-magnetic organism.  Our bodies are designed to be a electro-magnetic field that produces electricity.  Electricity is a way that energy and matter inter-act with one another by either being attracted to each other or repelling each other.  Electricity is manufactured in the physical body via the “ionic” charges between cells.  Minerals are the body’s primary ionic ingredient.

Minerals play an important role in our lives as they act as conductors for this electricity in our bodies.  These electrical impulses trigger a lot of the life processes that go on in the body that lead to its’ cellular integrity.

Electricity is managed in the physical body through the manipulation of the photonic content of the ions in the body.  The effectiveness of the physical body’s complement of ions is primarily governed by the presence of atoms of the correct minerals that the body’s systems and organs require to complete those systems’ and organs’ inter-related electrical tasks.  Today, ELECTRICITY is proving to be more important than ever thought!  Switches, better known as ion channels, are donut-shaped proteins that straddle the membranes of every cell in the body.

Positively-charged ions move toward a negative charge and vice-versa.  This surge of ions across the cell membranes generates tiny electrical currents that orchestrate a multitude of bodily functions.  The right stimulus, a messenger molecule, a change of voltage or even a change in acidity or temperatures can throw open a channel, allowing ions to pass through and do what is needed or who knows what?  The working of every cell in the body requires ion channels because they govern how cells talk to each other!

Channels come in several types, based on the ions that tunnel through them: positively charged sodium, calcium or potassium ions or negatively charged chloride ions.  Sodium channels are excitatory, tending to trigger fast physiologic responses. Potassium channels are inhibitory, tending to slow things down.

Using ion channels, cells continually adjust their inside and outside electrical charges. Normal levels of calcium ions, for example, are 20,000 times higher outside the cell than inside.  Heart cells, using special voltage-sensitive calcium channels, can quickly upset this ratio, generating the spike of energy needed for a heartbeat.  Through the controlled movement of ions across the membrane, the cell returns to its resting state and then re-charges to begin the next cycle.  Having a body that is fully charged up and functioning electro-mechanically well is vital for the perpetuation of life processes in our body.

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