Healthy Blood

DNAWhen observing the “live” blood of a healthy person, the micro-organisms in the blood will have healthy, rounded shapes plus the blood will be uniform in coagulation and tightly connected.  What holds the cells together is the extra-cellular matrix called the interstitium and this interstitium is inter-connected with black lines forming the fibrinogen network.  Fibrinogen is one of the protein constituents of the blood where the red blood cells are found.  These red blood cells transport the extracted “Life Enhancers” to the cells throughout our body.

The most important contributing factor to maintaining this “healthy” blood is pH!!   The pH scale goes from 0 – 14, with 7 being neutral.  Above 7 is “alkaline” and below 7 is “acidic”.  A pH around 7.3 – 7.4 (slightly alkaline) is the perfect environment in which the human blood, lymph and cerebral fluids in the body all live in harmony.  This ideal environment helps maintain that all important homeostatic state needed for healthy cells and a higher quality of life!  Under these conditions, the blood is truly a “River of Life” as it is able to transport nutrients and other “Life Enhancers” to all cells, tissues and organs in the body!!

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