"Ionic" Minerals

SaltThe minerals and trace minerals contained in Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers are harvested from the Great Salt Lake in Utah.  Abundant plant life grows in the drainage areas found in the mountains, valleys and meadows of both Utah and Idaho.  For thousands of years, a lot of vegetation and plant life has decomposed and the melting snows and rains have washed these decomposed plants and vegetation down the streams and rivers that flow into the lake.  Once the vegetation has decomposed, what is left are the actual plant minerals and trace minerals in their natural “ionic” state.  An “ionic” mineral is a mineral particle in its smallest state and when surrounded by water, it will conduct electricity.  All plants and animals use minerals in their bio-chemical functions when they are in the “ionic” state.

Since the Great Salt Lake has no outlet, this allows the concentration of “ionic” minerals in its waters to heighten.  When we consume this source of “ionic” minerals, we consume minerals in the natural state and they are ready to be utilized in the bio-electric and bio-chemical functions of the body.

The “ionic” minerals are harvested from the northern end of the lake where the heaviest concentration of minerals is found.  The heavy “ionic” mineral laden water is pumped into huge, man-made solar ponds where, over a period of 18 months, the sun evaporates the water leaving a concentration of “ionic” minerals.  In the first pond, salt crystals form on the surface of the lake and then settle to the bottom.  The salt (sodium chloride) is left in the bottom of the pond and the water with the remaining nutrients is then pumped into other ponds until the concentration is about 50 times greater than ocean water.

The composition of the water in this solution is very unique in that it is almost totally absent of common table salt and richer in its proportions of “earthly salts” such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, bromides and the trace minerals.  It is believed that the amazing therapeutic quality of Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers is due to this high concentration of the beneficial salts and the low concentration of sodium chloride or common salt.

The soluble concentrations of heavy metals in the waters of the Great Salt Lake are extremely low.  Studies show that the metals in the Great Salt Lake, along with other organic materials and carbonates, are precipitating to the sediments and deep brines where anaerobic conditions and sulfides, formed by sulfate reducing bacteria, immobilize the metals.  The lake thus avoids accumulation of heavy metals in the water and is non-toxic and self-cleaning.  The unique saline condition of the Great Salt Lake determines the precipitation and immobilization of heavy metals in the lake.

This water is described as the earth’s natural balance of soluble “ionic” minerals and trace minerals with the sodium removed through a natural process.  Imagine using the earth’s natural balance of minerals and trace minerals to balance the mineral system found within our own bodies which supports and helps control the body’s hormones.

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