Maintain pH

It is important to maintain the correct pH balance so that the body is able to assimilate minerals as well as other nutrients.

When your body’s mineral balances are off, your health may be in jeopardy. Unfortunately, a large problem facing many people today is mineral deficiencies in their diet due to the fact that the minerals in the soil of our farmlands have been depleted.

As long as there are sufficient amounts of alkaline minerals in your body, acids in the blood and body can be neutralized.  Alkaline minerals include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and others that neutralize acid wastes into harmless salts that are then eliminated through the circulatory system and kidneys.

When acid waste enters our bloodstream, the blood – in order to maintain the correct narrow pH range – will seek minerals from other sources like our organs and bones to neutralize that acid waste if the minerals are not provided in the food and liquids that we consume.

For example: when there is not an adequate supply of calcium in your body, the body extracts calcium from the bones to balance the blood pH.  After a period of time the bones then become brittle and this can lead to osteoporosis.

Of major importance is that mineral assimilation is affected by pH.  Minerals have different pH levels at which they can be assimilated into the body.  Minerals on the lower end of the atomic scale can be assimilated in a wider pH range.

For example: sodium and magnesium have wide pH assimilation ranges; it narrows somewhat for calcium and potassium; narrows more for manganese and iron; narrows more for zinc and copper and even narrows more for iodine.  Iodine is one of the most important minerals for the functioning of the thyroid.

Stress, whether physical or mental, creates more acids in our body.  Under stress, we burn more nutrients in a short amount of time, creating more wastes that the body has to dispose of.  It stands to reason that minerals constantly need to be replaced in our body, in order to deal with these acids and waste products.

Here is an important blood pH/electro-magnetic correlation.  As the pH of the blood becomes more acidic, fatty acids, which are normally electro-magnetically charged on the negative side, switch to positive and automatically are attracted to and begin to stick to walls of the arteries which are electro-magnetically charged on the negative side.  It should start to make sense that a society which over-emphasizes food that could push blood pH to be more acidic would begin to see a high rate of heart disease.

It can be said that all illnesses can be described as one constitutional disease – the result of mycotoxicoses – toxicity caused by mycotic infection, i.e. yeast and fungus infection (the great decomposers of life).  Understand this, understand disease.

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