Ever since the discovery of the microscope in the 17th century by Anton Leeuwenhoek, scientists have been intrigued with observing and studying the micro-organisms and cellular structure of just about anything they could put on a slide for observation.

Concerning our health – not only were they interested in the molecular structure of our body and our cells and how everything “worked”, they also looked at our blood since it was the “river of life” that fed all the tissues and cells in our body.  To understand the pH of our blood, they looked at the molecular structure of the air that we had to breathe, the molecular structure of the water that we drank and the molecular structure of the food that we ate.  And - just as important, they looked at any cleaners and “lotions and potions” that we might have applied to our skin.  You see, all of these factors have a “direct impact” on the condition of our blood pH and our health!

Many researchers today are trying to unravel the mystery as to why some of us get sick and others do not.  Since the beginning of time, during the plagues of the dark ages and even today, some people were blessed to live long, healthy lives while other people seemed to die “prematurely” and for the most part, nobody really knew why.  This was especially true before the discovery of the microscope and many other related “discoveries”.

We believe that it is imperative that we begin to look at metabolic balancing to enhance our health and cellular integrity!

Good health requires nutritional and mineral balance which we can achieve by eating a balanced diet rich in raw “organic” fruits and vegetables and also drinking plenty of water and natural juices.  Along with what we eat and drink, proper exercise and plenty of sleep all help to balance our blood pH and our body.  All of these things have a bearing on how we respond to microbes and parasites in our blood and in our body.

The State of Your Individual Health is SPIRITUALLY/VIBRATIONALLY Induced, CHEMICALLY/ELECTRICALLY Driven and BIOLOGICALLY Carried Out!!

There is nothing as important as good health!  By paying extra attention to our food choices and our lifestyle choices and, being truly dedicated to our own personal health, one can achieve and maintain good health and live a longer life while feeling better and looking younger!

What we eat and drink goes from our mouth, through our small intestines, into our colon, enabling our digestive system to work at extracting nutrients and other co-factors which are then absorbed into the bloodstream and deposited into our cells to determine cellular health and integrity.  What we eat and drink has a direct impact on the pH (alkalinity/acidity) of our blood and ph (alkalinity/acidity) of our body!   

All regulatory mechanisms in our body are constantly working to keep the correct pH (alkalinity/acidity) balance in our blood and in our body.  This pH balance regulates one’s breathing, circulation, digestion, elimination, hormonal and enzyme production, immunity and so much more!  

Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers help make our pH become more alkaline and this works to re-establish the homeostatic state needed for healthy cells and a higher quality of life! 

By bringing the body more into balance so that it can function properly, not only will one see an increase in vitality and energy but even more importantly, as one’s pH falls into balance, this in itself helps increase one’s assimilation of nutrients to help insure that our body keeps functioning properly!

Another benefit of balancing our blood pH is that our Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers helps the body better fight diseases and this can contribute to a longer, healthier life! 

Interesting Note:

Do you realize that there is nothing in our genes that tells us when to die?

There are genetic codes that tell us how to grow, how to breathe, how to digest food, plus what color our eyes will be, how tall we will be and on & on, but NOTHING that tells us to die!!

So why do we die?

We die because we literally allow our bodies, at the cellular level, to degenerate from the inside-out, to the point that it starts malfunctioning and eventually stops functioning - all because of our POOR FOOD CHOICES and our POOR LIFESTYLE CHOICES!

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was so right about our food choices when he stated, “Let food be your medicine.”  By taking time to educate ourselves about food and how to use and combine foods properly, we can make significant changes in our health! 

Do not kid yourself ---- when it comes to Your Own Health ----

You Are The Master of Your Own Destiny!!


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