SodiumSodium helps maintain fluid levels in individual cells in the body and controls fluid pressures between cells and the environment that surrounds them, what doctors call osmotic equilibrium.  Sodium also helps direct the flow of other nutrients to and from cells.  Sodium and potassium help transmit electrical charges in the body.  Plus, sodium and potassium are necessary components of gastric juices that help digest foods.

Even though only a small percentage of the sodium we consume comes from the salt shaker on the kitchen table, most people consume far too much sodium in the form of table salt or sodium chloride.  Most of the salt that enters our body is added to food during processing by the manufacturer.

Many physicians recognize a link between increased sodium consumption and the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure) which throws off the normal balance between sodium and potassium and increases the risk of heart problems.  To achieve a more normal balance between these two essential minerals, doctors recommend that consumption of table salt and salt on foods be greatly reduced.

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