Soy Protein

soySoy protein is one of the most important ingredients in our Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers.  Soy protein provides amino acids that are the building blocks for the protein chains that build our enzyme systems and chemical message systems while building our bones and muscles.  Amino acids are also the building blocks for our cells.  As our cells become stronger, our body will begin to “regenerate” instead of “degenerating” when our cells die and create new cells to replace themselves! 

Soy is a low fat source of high protein and this combination of low fat and high protein helps reduce your sugar cravings and hunger. Soy is a low glycemic food that will help balance your sugar levels, making it safe for diabetics while lowering or balancing insulin levels.  Soy decreases the body fat storage and this is important because insulin stores extra sugar in the blood stream as fat.

Medical research also shows that soy may also protect against low density lipids (LDL) which is the “bad” cholesterol that clogs the arteries.  This is great for supporting a healthier heart and helping diabetics.

Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers does not contain aspartame, sugar or sugar substitutes, artificial coloring or artificial flavoring or stimulants such as ephedrine, ma huang, guarana or gota kola, all of which can affect your heart beat.  Just as notable is the fact that there are absolutely no fillers in Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers!

It is only through safe ingredients such as soy and other effective anti-oxidants that you can fight off free-radicals in the body and thus, help rebuild healthy cells and tissue for your body.  Soy, fresh fruits and vegetables are some of the best sources known to man for anti-oxidants and this is why juicing is great for fighting off free-radicals.

When it comes to our daily diet and how nutrients affect our hunger – research has studied the hormone ghrelin, a hormone secreted by the stomach that stimulates appetite.  Suppression of the hormone ghrelin is one of the ways that you lose your appetite as you begin to eat and become satiated!

Of the six classes of nutrients (protein, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals & water), the first 3 have a direct impact on the hormone ghrelin.

A diet with an abundance of lipids (e.g. – fried foods and fast foods) was found to suppress the hormone ghrelin quite poorly.

Diets rich in carbohydrates resulted in a strong suppression of the hormone ghrelin at first, but ghrelin levels rebounded with a vengeance, rising to an even higher level after eating. A diet rich in carbohydrates made people even hungrier than before they had eaten!

Diets high in protein were found to be the best way to suppress the hormone ghrelin and keep it in check in terms of combination of the depth and duration of suppression.

By adding Power Pac Rejuvenating Life Enhancers (a source of high quality protein and a full realm of “Life Enhancers”) to your daily diet, you can not only expect the hormone ghrelin to be suppressed but your body will also receive the daily requirements of many nutrients and this combination could lead to eating less as your hunger is satiated!  Eating less and the detoxification of the body due to the 8 grams of fiber could lead directly to weight loss in this society which is witnessing obesity as it becomes epidemic!

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