Unhealthy Blood

Health IssuesWhen looking at the blood of an individual with health problems, one will notice that the blood will fail to coagulate completely and areas of white puddles (known as polymerized protein) will be present which will reflect free-radical/oxidative stress.  This could very well be an indicator of a present or pending degenerative disease situation.  Where free radicals are present, their activity impacts blood morphology.  Putting it very simply, when free radicals attack cells – cells get damaged, enzyme activity is altered and the extra-cellular matrix around the cells becomes compromised.  Water soluble fragments of the extra-cellular matrix (interstitium) get into the blood stream and then alter the blood clotting capability.  With that done, the blood does not coagulate properly.     

The sickest patients have swarming hordes of micro-organisms within the blood said to be causing great stress to their immune systems.  When changes in the blood occur and they are correlated with the progression of the disease process, one can definitely see a pattern unfolding.  Darkfield microscopic studies have clearly illustrated the proliferation of many diverse micro-organisms in the blood of sick patients.  What could be seen was the dance of these micro-organisms in an expansive state - increasing with the detrimental pathology of the patients’ health. 

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